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Standing on the small stage, microphone in hand and a medium sized TV screen just off to my left, I stood there a moment as I waited for the music to begin. I had no idea what song was going to start – it had been picked by my friend Louisa – and I was silently hoping it wasn’t something too upbeat. That last beer, mixed with the spicy wings, was playing havoc with my stomach and I didn’t need to be up here getting all ‘boppy’.

When the music finally started I whipped my head around to stare at my best friend, almost giving myself whiplash in the process. Of all the songs she could have picked for me, she had to pick the one that she knew would stir up feelings. Feelings I had been ignoring, hoping that no-one else realized I even had and would eventually go away. I should have known she would be the one who would call me on it.

I considered walking off and just not singing but part of me suspected that this would be just what she was hoping for. Her team had already had two forfeits and she never liked to lose, so stacking the odds in her favour wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. Well, I would show her. I was not only going to sing this bloody song, I was going to kill it; half cut as I was and all!


Although the screen was there with the lyrics on them and the bouncing ball to help you keep time, I didn’t need them; this song had been one of my favourites since forever and I knew the words off by heart. Then again, the song had taken on some extra meaning over the last few months and the reason for that meaning was now sitting in front of me, at a table with the rest of our friends, smiling away, cheering me on. Beside him was his wife, not looking quite as chipper. I had to admit that my own date wasn’t all that happy either.

I started to sing, a little croaky at first but by the end of the first couple of lines, I was fine. I did my upmost not to look directly at the man I loved, pretending to look at the screen instead as though I didn’t know the words. Thankfully I did know them because my eyes were starting to blur with the onset of tears and I wouldn’t have been able to read the lyrics anyway.

The more I sang the more I realized that the lyrics really were actually my life and it made sense now that Louisa would pick this. It wasn’t about trying to help her team win a karaoke war, it was about getting me to admit my feelings and finally do something about it. The song didn’t lend to a happy ending but who’s to say that’s how it would be for me?

Just as I got to the last few lines, I gave away my better judgement and finally looked at the man who had my heart and had held it for quite some time now, whether he knew it or not. Everyone else in the bar seemed to fade away and it was just him, me and a song of a love that wasn’t meant to be, written in the 70’s. Would it change anything? I had no idea but he would at least perhaps finally have some inkling as to how I felt.

“...but there you are with yours; and here I am with mine. So, I guess we’ll just be leaving it at this. I love you. I honestly love you. I honestly love you.”


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