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Words and Music

A short piece, inspired by an Andy Gibb song. As usual, no disrespect to any person intended.

Words and Music – 280320

Taking the hand of his new bride, Sébastien led her towards the centre of the room, ready to have their first dance as man and wife. He couldn’t wait to have her in his arms, to hold her close. It didn’t matter that the room was full of family and friends because at this moment, all he could see was her.

How did he get so lucky, he wondered? He had been married once before, to a woman he had thought was his soulmate but alas, that hadn’t worked out. The reasons were many, on both sides, why they had parted but it basically boiled down to them wanting different things in life. They still loved each other, they just weren’t IN love, and that made a big difference.

They had their three wonderful children together; Luca, Rose and Jude; and it was a connection that could never be severed, no matter their own circumstances. The fact that both had decided to remain friends just made caring for them easier, although to be fair, as teenagers, that care took on a different form every day, depending on their wants and needs.

While he had loved Renee with all he had to offer, the love Sébastien now had for Holly transcended that tenfold. He could no sooner explain it than he could begin to understand how he had managed to get so lucky a second time. At fifty years of age and his best years behind him, he thought he would see the last of his days out alone. That was when he had literally run into her, taking him on a journey he realized now that he was meant to take.


IL Divo had been together almost twenty years when they decided to call it quits. They still loved the work and each other but they were all getting on in years and each of them wanted to pursue other avenues, while they still could. They agreed that if an occasion arose that needed all four of them, they would do it, but as to recording and touring, that was finally all done and dusted.

Carlos wanted to focus on doing some Broadway, while still helping out Geri with Innocence and also recording how own solo albums. Urs thought about going back to his rock roots but decided instead to teach the next generation of pop-opera stars, something he was well suited for. David also wanted to go back to Broadway but he was also learning how to put together his own show, including the writing of it. So far, each of them was doing extremely well and Sébastien was proud of them.

Once the Divos were no more, he himself was able to focus on his one true passion – composing. He had been writing lyrics and music since he was a child and even as he performed all those years as a Divo, he never stopped. He had stuck to mainly ballads, with a few edgier pieces, either performing them himself or lending them to other artists who turned them into hits. It wasn’t until he had a chance run-in with the woman who was now his wife, that he realized his real passion lay elsewhere.


Running late for a meeting with his manager, Sébastien decided to take the elevator instead of walking up the four flights as he normally would. It was usually the only exercise he got but today, it was going to have to wait. He managed to get into the elevator just as the door closed, looking up from his phone long enough to note the woman already there, holding the door for him and thanking her.

When the elevator stopped, he waited for the doors to open and then made a move to leave, still engrossed in his text war with Angus, his manager and that was why he didn’t realize that the woman had stepped out, must have realized she was on the wrong floor and stepped back in. They literally collided, hard enough to almost make her lose her balance.

As he reached out and grabbed her before she fell over and hurt herself, apologies were rushed, a few laughs had; thankfully; but then a parting of the ways, given both were running late for their prospective meetings. A week later, they would see each other again, in a meeting set up for them both to discuss a collaboration. Holly was a writer and one of her books had just been bought and was being turned into a movie; Sébastien had been invited to do the score.

After reading the book, he had asked to meet with her, get her thoughts and feelings about certain pieces in the story, so he could set the arrangements just so. Over the coming weeks, a bond was formed that turned to romance and now, less than six months later, they were man and wife. If he believed in such things Sébastien might have thought it was fate that he had been running late that day.


As the music for the first dance started, Holly looked at her new husband. He had given input to the other aspects of the wedding but it had mostly been her doing. The first song however, was something he wanted to do and do alone. She had thought he was going to write a piece especially but the song now playing wasn’t new. In fact, it was a song from the mid-seventies and not an overly well-known one.

“Sweetheart?” she asked, as he held her close. “What made you pick this song?” It was ‘Words and Music’ by Andy Gibb.

He smiled at her and she almost forgot for a moment what they were talking about. At 48 years of age, she had thought herself beyond the giddiness and excitement of being newly in love but Sébastien had helped prove that to be not the case.

“I was going to write a piece for you; in fact, I started but it was by pure chance that I heard this song and knew it was the perfect choice. It is us, Amoureux; words and music. You are the writer, I’m the musician. I could not have come up with something more ideal.”

Holly didn’t believe that for a minute but she did have to agree that the song was in fact perfect. As other guests slowly joined them on the dancefloor she moved in closer and kissed him. It was a wonderful way to start out their new life together.


"Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole."

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