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"Dear Mom..."


“Hey Mom

Just a quick word to let you know that the road-trip is going well. Well, it was until this morning but I’ll get to that in a moment. I need to ask a favour – any chance you can post my bail? Let me explain…

I’m starting to think now that you were right and I shouldn’t have decided to defer college for a year. And as it turns out, you might also have been right about Joanie being a bad influence who would only lead me into trouble. She’s done that, and in spades although to be fair, I went along with her hairbrained scheme to start with, so I need to share the blame here. On a side note, could you please let her parents know that she’s with me, and is likely going to need them to post her bail too…

Now, before you ask, we haven’t killed anyone, robbed any stores or banks or participated in any felonious destruction of public (or private) property. In the grand scheme of things, what we have allegedly been caught doing (not very well, if the fact that we were caught is any indication) isn’t all that bad, but then I might be biased.

I know the cops who caught us didn’t think it was all that funny. It was for a bit of a lark, some fun, a memory to keep and tell our grandkids in the years ahead. If the public defender I’ve been assigned is right, I might be a little too old to have kids once I get released – sorry about that; I know how much you want grandbabies.

I guess you could say that we let our overactive imaginations and love of a certain TV show get the better of us. Joanie and I aren’t so clueless as to believe the show is real, but we wanted to see if we could get away with it, our harmless prank, all the same.

What’s the point of a fun road-trip if you can’t have fun? Well, lesson learned – fiction is fiction and real life has no sense of humour.

At this point you’re probably wishing I would get on with it and tell you what I’ve done – allegedly. Well, Joanie and I got busted for impersonating police officers, complete with fake badges and ID cards. We figured if it was good enough for Sam and Dean Winchester, it was good enough for us.

What we failed to realize however was that real-life is different to the make-believe world of tv in so many ways, and also that the real cops and people of authority aren’t quite as trusting or easy to dupe as they appear on TV. I’ve often watched the show and wondered about that – how the boys could go to so many towns all over the States and in every instance, the so called experts and actual cops can’t see through them…but that’s a discussion for my next letter, assuming they let me write one from the ‘Big House’.

Mom, I’m truly sorry about all of this. I know you wanted better for me and I wanted that too. I just let a momentary lapse in judgment (no doubt brought upon me after several fruity drinks with umbrellas in them) take me on a fun ride that now doesn’t seem quite so fun at all.

I’m sure you and Dad will be mightily disappointed in me and that’s fair. I just hope it doesn’t mean you won’t post my bail. I’ve been locked in this little cell for the better part of forty minutes now and I’m already going nuts. Joanie yelling obscenities to no-one in particular from the cell two doors down isn’t helping.

Ok, I best go now, although there is much more to tell. The guard has promised to get this in tonight’s mail. I just have to trust that she wasn’t lying to me, like Joanie and I lied to those officers earlier today… I promise that if you get me out of here, I will be on my best behaviour going forward; pinkie swear.

I love you, Mom. Please help.

You’re ‘soon to be incarcerated fulltime’ daughter, Jill. Xxx”


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