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In His Eyes: The Mirrors of My Love


A Not-So- Short Fan Fiction Story


Tara Devaney-Thompson

Dedicated to Sebastian Stan and written for all his fans who dare to dream.

**Adult Content. 18+. Please do not read if offended with Adult story-lines**


She watched him stand in the firelight. She was thinking that she had never known so beautiful a man and how incredibly lucky she was that he loved her. In that moment her heart swelled with so much emotion she thought surely it would burst. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and her chest constricted as she contemplated not having him in her life. She rose from the bed and walked over to stand behind him. Placing her arms around his waist she placed to place small kisses on that spot just between his shoulder blades. She felt him small shiver at the contact of her lips on his skin. He turned to face her.

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked up into his adoring face and raised her hand to run a small, delicate finger along his jaw.

“You move like a cat all silent and sneaky” he said in that low, masculine voice of his, “I didn’t even hear you get up”

“I didn’t mean to sneak. I just wanted to touch you, my love”

“You have touched me from the day we met and in so many ways” he told her, “You have touched my heart, my soul and my mind. I have never been touched in the ways you touch me. Not in all my life”

He leaned in to kiss her. His lips were full and soft as silk. She loved the way he kissed her. It was always deeply and with so much emotion. He never wasted a kiss. Always he made each joining of their lips a joining of their souls. His full, sensuous mouth fitted hers to perfection and she remembered when she had first felt those lips caress hers. In fact, she remembered the night they had met and how it had changed her life forever, as though it were yesterday. She would remember it with her last breath.


© 2015 Tara Devaney-Thompson. All Rights Reserved.

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Re: In His Eyes: The Mirrors of My Love

Chapter One

She had been working the late shift at the club and the music had been pounding in her head. It didn’t usually bother her but tonight she had a huge headache and all she wanted to do was go home and sleep it off. The club was packed tonight because word had gotten out that some big-name celebrities were here. She didn’t really care who theses ‘celebs’ were at all. In fact, all she cared about was the end of her shift. Another hour of filling drink orders and listening to come on lines she had heard a million times then she would be able to go home and that was all she was thinking of when a man’s voice cut through the noise.

“You look exhausted!”

She looked up and was about to reply when she saw them. His eyes! They were the first thing she noticed about him. Looking at her with what seemed like genuine concern. Cornflower blue and huge with long, thick, silky lashes any woman would die for, they were mesmerizing. After what seemed like an eternity her gaze took in the rest of his face. He was gorgeous, and she recognized him immediately. Who wouldn’t be considering his latest movie was being advertised literally everywhere. So, she thought, this is the celebrity they are all packing in here to see. No wonder they all wanted to get in.

“No more than usual” she said, “what can I get you?”

“Just a beer thanks. Is it always this crowded?”

“No. They all heard you were going to be here and so they all wanted in to see you”

“I don’t think I will ever get used to this part of the business” he said. She was surprised at his answer. She had assumed that by now he would be well and truly used to the mass adoration and attention that followed him everywhere.

” Well, I would say you had better get used to it Mr. Stan. It will only get worse the more famous you become”

“Please call me Sebastian or Seb. Mr. Stan is way too formal. What is your name?”

She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with him. It all seemed too surreal. Chatting to a famous movie star was something she, like all other young people, had fantasized about when she had first come to America but never imagined would actually happen. And yet here she was chatting to The Winter Soldier himself and just when it was the last thing she needed.

“It’s Maya!”

“I like it. It suits you. Dark and mysterious like an Incan Princess” he said smiling “Are you okay, Maya, you don’t seem to be. If I may say”

His comment about dark and mysterious actually did fit her. With her long, straight, black hair and her dusky complexion and deep, soft brown eyes, she could indeed pass for an Incan Princess.

“Actually, Sebastian, I have a raging headache and all I want to do is go home to bed”

“I am so sorry to hear that. Actually, I don’t want to be here either” he laughed “How about I take you home and you can relax and get rid of that headache?”

Here it comes, she thought to herself, the pickup line about how he knows a way to get rid of my headache.
“Now, why would you take me home or should I take a wild stab at it?”

He looked genuinely puzzled for a moment. Then, when it dawned on him what she was suggesting his motivation might be, his look changed to one of amusement.

“Oh no, Maya, I wasn’t thinking I could ‘fix’ your headache. I was just offering to take you home. Believe me, hooking up for a one-night stand is the last thing on my mind right now. I was just trying to be nice”

“Oh, really!” Maya said still not convinced.

“Yes, really” he replied, “I wasn’t keen on coming out tonight at all and wouldn’t be here if not for my friend dragging me out”

Maya could see no deception in his beautiful eyes she did, however, see sadness and pain. She could, if she were not careful, drown in those pools of azure blue. She understood why so many women were absolutely besotted by him yet had never met him. She had better be careful that she not fall under his spell. It was going to be hard though. Looking at his face she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss those luscious, full lips with his tongue deep in her mouth. God, she was getting wet thinking about it. She gave herself a mental smack upside her head and tried to pull her thoughts out of the gutter. So much for my headache, she thought. This man, this beautiful man was going to prove to be her undoing she could tell.

“So, why did you come here then?” she asked trying to pull herself together.

“My friends thought it would be good for me to get out and shake off the depression I was wallowing in”

“Why are you depressed if I may ask?” she asked.

“I just had a very hard breakup with my longtime girlfriend. That’s why I am not looking to get into your pants tonight. I don’t bounce from one girl to the next like some guys. She meant a lot to me and I am still sad that it ended”

“I am so sorry” she said, feeling genuinely so. “I know how hard it can be when you really care for someone. I am sorry I took your offer the wrong way. Besides, a lowly bartender would not be on your list of must- haves, so to speak”

“Hey, Maya, believe me if I were looking to find someone tonight I would not be inclined to pass up on the most beautiful bartender I have ever seen. Why do you think I came over to get my own drink? I am or was depressed not blind or dead” he laughed.

She couldn’t help but grin at his reply. His laugh was so infectious that, headache or not, she had to laugh along.
“Well, Sebastian, you certainly have a smooth tongue. If I weren’t so used to lines I would probably fall for it and, if my head were not pounding like a jackhammer on steroids, I would probably be incredibly impressed” she gave a low chuckle to show she was joking.

“It is not a line, as you call it, I am being totally honest. You are the most beautiful bartender I have ever seen. In fact, truth be told, you are the most beautiful woman I have seen anywhere. I am being totally honest, Maya; I am simply making an offer to take you home. No ulterior motives at all. Maybe, and I said maybe, when neither of us is in pain, physically or emotionally, we could have dinner or something and talk. Tonight, however, I am just a man trying to be nice to a woman that I would like to get to know. That is all”

Hoping he was indeed being honest she thought for a moment and then decided to take him up on his offer. At the very least she would take the time to get to know a little about him.

“Okay, I accept your offer to take me home. I will still be skeptical until you prove that you are not another sleazy celebrity just trying to take advantage and get into my pants, okay”

He looked at her intently and she could see that he was wondering whether to be insulted or not. After a few moments he seemed to decide that she had not meant him personally and was just being careful.

“I understand” he said ”this town is one that automatically teaches you to be distrustful of people. It’s sad, but true that there are some who would do exactly what you are afraid of. I, however, am not one of them. I will prove it to you”

She decided that he meant what he was saying so after just a moment’s hesitation, she agreed to meet him outside when her shift was over. He nodded his gorgeous head and took his drink back to the table he shared with his friends. She couldn’t help but see the resemblance to James Dean in the way he looked and held himself. He definitely had the same sexy, bad boy vibe but tinged with a sort of innocence. Even the way his hair looked seemed straight out of the movie Giant. As she was very vintage in her style this look of his definitely appealed to her…among other things of his.

He was laughing, and she assumed, correctly, that they were teasing him about his long conversation with her. He kept glancing back over at her and smiling. She decided she loved him smiling at her. It made her feel as though no other woman mattered to him at that moment. She felt special. It had been a long time since a man had made her feel this way. Headache or not she knew that were he to try to bed her she would let him. She would, she thought, let him do pretty much anything he wanted to her. Forty-five minutes later her shift ended and, after saying goodnight to her boss and fellow bartenders, she grabbed her bag and looked to where he was sitting and indicated to Sebastian to meet her out back.
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Re: In His Eyes: The Mirrors of My Love

Chapter Two

He had been waiting and watching for her signal and, amid raucous jokes and hearty farewell’s, he stood and left. He arrived at the back door to find Maya standing perfectly still with her head thrown back as though watching the stars. He noticed though that her eyes were in fact closed. She was simply enjoying the silence.
He stood beside her and waited. He took this opportunity to drink in her beauty. It was staggering to him. Her long hair hung down her back almost to her butt and he wanted to reach out and run his fingers through it. Her profile was almost perfection but just not quite which made her all the more appealing.

Looking at her like this made he realize just how difficult it was going to be to keep his promise to her. He was half hard now just looking at her. He would have to use all his strength of will to keep his hands off her. Just at that moment she tilted her head down and looked him straight in the eye. Sebastian had to take a breath and try to cover his reaction to her. Thankfully the coat he was wearing was three-quarter length and pushing his hands together deep in the pockets he managed to do the job.

“I am ready to go home now” she said, “I just needed a moment to listen to something other than pounding music”

“My car is this way” he said leading her to the parking structure across the street.

His car was parked around the corner at the multi-level parking structure. He offered her his hand and she placed her tiny one in it. God, he thought, I could so easily crush this tiny hand simply by accidently squeezing it too tightly. He made a mental note never to do so. They didn’t speak as they walked. Knowing how her head felt he thought, considerately, that a few minutes silence would be what she would prefer. It also gave him the time to pull himself together. It didn’t take long to reach his car and when they got there he let go of her hand to open the door for her.

“Wow, a gentleman too!” she said smiling.” Who would have guessed?”

“I try” he replied trying for solemnity but not quite making it.

She laughed and threw her head back. This made her hair bounce and shine in the moonlight. He gasped at the ethereal quality the light gave her.

“I thought you were a really good actor…. until now” she laughed again. This time he laughed too.

“Thanks. I thought I was doing a fairly good job. Obviously, I have hooked up with a critic” Now he tried to look hangdog.

“Oh, now he tries for sympathy. And, what do you mean by hooked up?” she hoped it meant what it sounded like though she would not admit this out loud. Her headache seemed to be fading away though she didn’t know why.

Usually it took copious amounts of pain pills and some alcohol. Tonight, though, it seemed that merely being in his presence was making her feel so much better.

“Not what you think I mean. I simply meant that I have met a critic who has no appreciation for my acting talents”

“Oh, you think you have talent!” she said mockingly.
He laughed, and she joined him. Before long they were leaning over and cackling hysterically. She suddenly realized her headache was indeed gone. Completely gone! She gathered herself together and said,
“I can tell you that you also have a talent for curing headaches. Did you know this?”

“I have!” he said in mock surprise. “Well, well! At least I have a talent for something in your opinion” his face looked surprised and amused.

He had a slightly lopsided grin she noticed and slightly crooked teeth. This made him less than perfect and, she thought, more attractive, at least to her. In fact, he was looking more and more likely to be doing more than take her home. The way he was looking at her right now it was highly likely he would end up doing a lot more. It was not that he was looking at her in a sexy or suggestive way it was simply those eyes. His eyes were so very beautiful and huge and blue and deep. And she was falling into them. She had a feeling she could very well end up drowning in them.
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Re: In His Eyes: The Mirrors of My Love

Chapter 3

Her arm took on a life of its own and rose up until her hand was touching his face. He stood stock still as her fingers traced his jaw and the palm of her hand cupped his chin. His eyes became soft and his head dropped lower as though to rest in her hand. It was the most intimate moment she had ever experienced with a man especially one who was for all intents and purposes a stranger. Yet, here she was feeling as though this was the most important moment of her life. This moment could change that life forever. She could feel the charge in the air between them. It was like time had ceased to move forward as it should and had simply stopped.

As though she were controlled by the stings of a puppeteer her body moved towards his. He stood stock still and waited. Still looking down at her with those magnetically beautiful eyes he said in a voice laden with surprise and need, “Maya, what are you doing? I thought you said I was only taking you home!”

Maya took his face in her hands and pulled it towards her own. She had seemingly no control. She needed to taste his lips, to feel their softness on her own. This need had suddenly overpowered both her and her headache. Now, all she wanted was to slide her tongue deep inside his mouth and have him return her kiss. He gently pushed her back and holding her at arm’s length looked at her with his now smoky eyes and said,
“Maya, wait. Are you sure you want to do this?” his voice had become suddenly very husky and throaty and very, very sexy. The way he said her name sounded like a whispered prayer.

“Shut up Sebastian! She said pushing back against his hands, “If you don’t kiss me right now I will not be held responsible for my actions, do you hear me?”

“Well, in that case and under threat of I don’t want to know what”

His mouth met hers with a sudden surge of speed and strength. Oh my god, she thought, they are just as soft as I thought they would be. His lips opened at her urging and his tongue took possession of her mouth. It seemed to find every contour of her mouth as though it was tracing her body and she knew that this is what she wanted it to do. She had to have this man…. now!

Without conscious thought she pulled him closer and placed her hand on the hardness she could feel inside his pants. A groan escaped him even as he continued to kiss her. He was so very hard and, she could tell, very big. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned his pants and slid them over his hips, “Not here” he tried to say.

“Yes, here! Now!” she said in a tone that brooked no argument.

She lifted the hem of the short skirt she was required to wear for work and put his hand on her filmy, lacy thong. Knowing instantly what she wanted he tore the piece of lace as though it were tooth floss. He flung them aside and cupped her pubis in his hand. He could feel how wet she was even before his long finger pushed its way inside her. Now it was she who groaned. Her hand had, by now, found and released his hugely hard cock and was moving up and down the shaft. She could feel it jump as her fingers enclosed its thickness and, just as she felt that jump, he lifted her up, leaned her against the car bonnet. He removed his dripping finger from inside her, took his now free cock and pushed it deep inside her.

The rush of pleasure she felt made her throw her head back in ecstasy. As she did this he buried his face in her breasts. She reached behind and undid her bra then lifted her top over her head and her bra along with it. His mouth found her hard nipples and he began to gently nibble on them. She caught her breath as his teeth caused little electric shocks to travel through her and down to her clit. She wanted to touch his cock, but he pressed her against the car and plunged in and out of her. He would not let her move. For the first time in her life she let a man set the pace. She would, she knew, get her chance next time. And she knew that there would be a next time.

He raised his head and locked his eyes with hers. They were full of passion and promise and, yes, awe. She let herself relax and melt into him like a river flowing into the ocean. She then gave him that most treasured of possessions…her trust. He instinctively knew this and made the unspoken promise that he would never break it. They shared, in that moment, the closest, most intimate union a couple can possibly share. She saw tears form in his eyes and she too felt the overwhelming emotion. She also felt herself begin to come. His thrusting had not ceased during that special moment. If anything, it had increased and become more passionate.

Deeper and faster his cock pushed into her. Her back arched as his mouth again found her nipples. She could hear small groans escape him as she could feel his cock grow harder and pulse faster with each thrust. She knew he too was close to cumming. For both of them there would be no holding back from the explosions that were to come. Deeper he thrust. Louder he groaned. Her pussy became a flowing stream of juices. Her orgasm began as a tingle and grew in intensity. Small ticks in her pussy grew to huge spasms that gripped his ramming cock like a vice. He could feel his own cum building to the point of no return. The looked at each other at exactly the same moment and, with intensity neither had expected, both came together in great heaving, waves. They shook with the power of it and clung to each other for support. Over and over waves of pure pleasure pulsed through them both until, gasping and groaning, the pulses began to wane.

They had spoken not a word during the entire !@#$. Now neither of them could catch their breath to speak. For long minutes they simply clung to each other. His legs were rigid with the effort of holding her weight against the car and hers were cramped from being wrapped around his hips. Slowly, they began to disentangle themselves. Sebastian leaned into her as he pulled his still hard though empty cock from her saturated !@#$. Her cum ran down her legs in amounts she had never experienced before. She slid from the bonnet and they both crumpled to the ground.

His hand grasped hers and squeezed it gently.

“Thank You Maya” he said still gasping for breath.

“No, thank you Sebastian” she replied.

They looked at each other and both broke into laughter. She was the first to get under control.

“My! Aren’t we being formal?” she joked. “But, really, I do want to thank you. That was the best !@#$ I have ever had. There is only one problem”

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked with genuine concern.

“No! The problem is that once you have had such a glorious !@#$ you tend to wonder if it was just a one-off and want to do it again and again to be sure it was not”

“Oh my! That is a problem” he said seriously. “I guess we will have to keep !@#$ to find out for sure. How about every night for the rest of our lives? Does that sound fair?”

Maya looked at his beautiful face and tried to see if there was and guile or untruth lurking there but finding none she replied, “Well, I guess that would be alright. We could try for a while and see how we go. No harm in trying a few times is there?”

“Not at all! How about we go home now and try again? It would be only fair to make sure that you are as good at !@#$ as you seemed just now!”

“ME!” she smacked his leg a little too close to his manhood for comfort. He jumped with surprise.

“Hey! Watch it. That was a bit close. It would be a sorry thing if you damaged it and we had to wait until it healed, don’t you think?” his face was a picture of surprise and feigned hurt.

She couldn’t help laughing again.

Suddenly their laughter was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. They scrambled to straighten out there clothing and get into the car. Once inside it they both tried to pull themselves together and he started the engine.

“Okay, sexy, where to now?”

Maya gave him the address of her apartment building and they pulled out of the parking structure. She glanced out of the window as they passed a man who was standing there holding her tattered thong and looking quite mystified. She couldn’t help but think that those would not be the last pair that got ruined in this love affair. Turning she placed her hand on Sebastian’s leg and he turned to look at her. They really are the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, she thought, and they are always going to look at me like that I hope. The look of promise and pleasure all wrapped in a sea of baby blue and long, dark lashes.

How could I not drown in all their glory? Today and forever they will be the mirrors of my love. Then he turned back to driving and they left the parking structure and took the road to their future…together.

The End….Maybe
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