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Blue's Lament

Not my picture - done as part of a Writer's Workshop exercise on a different forum.


“Blue” pouted, looking off in to the distance, wondering how he ended up here – stuck in a hospital bed with the evil eye of Nurse ‘Ratchet’ upon him. He didn’t have to wonder long.

If it weren’t for ‘Laurel and Hardy’ here beside him, he would be enjoying his three day furlough with his sweetheart Clementine. But no – the night before he was due to catch the train to Boston they took him to O’Malley’s and proceeded to get him sloshed.

That would have been ok if they had dropped him off at the station on their way back to the barracks, leaving him to sleep it off as the train made its way North. Instead they insisted on stopping by “Big Joe’s” for a burger.

As eager as he was to catch the train, Blue had to admit that he was hungry and so entered the run-down establishment with “Wazza” and “Smitty”. The decor was drab, the furniture only just managed to hold itself together and the roaches had their own booth but Big Joe served the best burgers this side of the Mississippi. It was for this and the amiable nature of Big Joe himself that the diner became a favourite haunt to the soldiers of Camp Icantthinkofaname.

Some 40 minutes later as he wiped the mustard from the corner of his mouth, Blue was just getting ready to say goodnight to his friends and go, the thought of his Clementine’s loving embrace willing him to her. That was when all hell broke loose. Lieutenant Booth and his cronies entered Joe’s – it was clear from their demeanor they were looking for trouble – and on seeing the three privates, walked towards them.

The rest was a blur. Blue couldn’t remember what happened between the time he stood next to Wazza ready to take on Booth and waking up in hospital the following morning. That was probably because of the concussion he sustained along with the bruised kidneys. Smitty – who had ended up with a broken leg – filled in the gaps about his injuries as well as those of Wazza who escaped with a couple of missing teeth and a mild case of food poisoning.

Well, that explained the injuries and why they were now being supervised by “Broomhilda” but it didn’t explain why they were knitting.

“Hey, Smitty? Why are we knitting again?”

With a smile on his face Blue’s mate replied; “Because just before you broke Booth’s jaw, you commented that his sweater looked like it had been put together by a blind man and that you could do better; amongst other things about his masculinity. We had the choice of knitting him a jumper or spending a week in the stockade.”

Blue sighed and wondered if his Clementine would still be waiting for him when he finally got released. He also wondered if it was the last time he would listen to his ‘friends’.

"Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole."

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