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*The photo is not mine and I have no idea who the couple are. I guess 'Ray of Hope' photography are hte ones to credit. Found it via Pinterest and it inspired this piece written back in December of 2015...

Reunion (141215)


With my heart racing, I try my best to stop fidgeting and moving around too much. Acting antsy at an airport is bound to draw attention and I wanted nothing, or no-one to force me to leave. I had to be here when the doors to the arrival lounge finally opened.

I have been staring at those tinsel covered doors for a good ten minutes now; ever since the flight was announced as having arrived; and the suspense is killing me. Finally after what felt like forever, the doors open and two of the airport staff walked out, followed closely by the first of the passengers on Flight 910 from Washington.

Some of those passengers are wearing Christmas sweaters and I have to smile. They have just left a country bathed in winter snow and were now in a country where the less you wear the cooler you will be. Watching them being greeted by people who are dressed in shorts, t-shirts and thongs is quite the picture.

Unfortunately a few of them were stopping to be greeted in the middle of the aisle, impeding the exit of their fellow travellers. I want nothing more than to shout at them to move out of the way, explaining that some of us are still waiting for our own loved ones but of course I don’t. Not when deep down I know the minute I spot the man I am so eagerly waiting for, all bets are off and I will be doing the same thing.

And that was when I finally spot the love of my life, dressed in camouflage, second to last coming out. My initial intention had to be to stand back and wait for him to walk out and then to casually give him a warm welcome. Over the course of the 90 minute wait I had just endured, that all changed. The minute he spotted me and smiled I thought ‘to hell with that’ and rushed to him.

He managed to drop his duffel bag just in time to open his arms and catch me; after I all but threw myself at him. The backpack he is wearing makes it hard so I lace my arms around his neck and hold on for dear life. Neither of us says a word – I mean, it is kind of hard to speak when your lips are all but being devoured by another person.

The last person walking past jokes ‘get a room’ but neither of us even think let alone entertain the idea of stopping. This reunion has been twelve months in the making and although we still had to officially introduce ourselves to each other, both of us were in no doubt that what we felt for the other was love.

Almost twelve months to the day ago, I hated Christmas and all it meant but now I actually believed that Johnny Mathis had it right – it really IS the most wonderful time of the year.


ps - I have an idea to expand this, to explain the 'official introduction' bit. Just need to write it. maybe...


"Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole."

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